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From Snowflake to APIs in minutes

Tinybird is the speed layer for your data warehouse. Ingest data from Snowflake, join it to event streams, query it with SQL, and publish low-latency APIs to power your applications.

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Connect in a click

Start ingesting instantly with our first-party Snowflake Connector. Just point, click, and capture the Snowflake data you need.

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It's all SQL

Use SQL to ingest the data you need from Snowflake. Then use SQL to query, shape, and join your Snowflake data with other sources. 

SQL based

Automated, documented APIs

Instantly publish your queries into fully documented, parameterized HTTP endpoints ready to scale in production.

TTLs and Roll-ups

Completely secure

Use Auth tokens to manage access to endpoints, and implement flexible access policies with support for row-level security.


Build things with data in minutes, not weeks

Ingest, query, and build APIs on your Snowflake data in a matter of minutes. Forget about ETL, infrastructure scale, and complex security rules.

$ tb \
datasource append $DESTINATION_DATA_SOURCE \
   --connector snowflake \
   --sql "select * from $TABLE"
** 🐔
starting export process from snowflake
** 🥚
starting import process
** 🐥 done
Total rows in taxi: 232341
Data appended to data source 'taxi' successfully!
Data pushed to taxi
NODE avg_triptime_endpoint
    toDayOfMonth(pickup_datetime) as day,
    avg (dateDiff('minute', pickup_datetime, dropoff_datetime)) as avg_trip_time_minutes
  FROM tripdata
    {% if defined(start_date) and defined(end_date) %}
WHERE pickup_dt BETWEEN {{Date(start_date)}} AND {{Date(end_date)}}
    {% end %}
  GROUP BY day

$ tb push endpoints/avg_triptime.pipe
** Processing endpoints/avg_triptime.pipe
** Building dependencies
** Running avg_triptime
** 'avg_triptime' created

** => Test endpoint at


Ingest Snowflake tables

Quickly and securely automate ingestion from Snowflake with our first-party connector.


Query and shape using SQL

Shape and enrich Snowflake data with other sources using Pipes, a simpler way to write powerful SQL


Publish your API endpoints

Instantly publish low-latency, high-concurrency, and secure HTTP APIs, with full OpenAPI and Postman documentation.

We accelerate your data, no matter where it is.

Connect data from Relational Databases, Data Warehouses and Data Streams.

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