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Why choose Tinybird?

ClickHouse makes your queries fast. Tinybird makes you fast. Get all the snappy columnar OLAP performance of ClickHouse but with serverless scale, a built-in publishing layer, and loads of dev-friendly tooling.

Built-in ingestion

Load data from anywhere using Connectors. Tinybird can automatically infer your schema.


Stop worrying about infrastructure, and start throwing billions of rows at us. We dare you.


Don’t wrestle with frameworks. Publish your ClickHouse queries as low-latency, parameterized APIs in a single click.


Say goodbye to nested CTEs. Build chained ClickHouse SQL nodes for simpler, faster iteration.


Monitor your database and endpoints with a built-in observability layer.

Fully Managed

No setup, configuration or updating. Tinybird takes care of it all.

“We decided to go with Tinybird rather than continuing to invest in our internal Clickhouse cluster. Tinybird’s tools, scalability, and support have clearly helped us accelerate and improve our analytical dashboards for our customers.”

Jordi Miró Bruix- CTO at The Hotels Network

Ship data like code

Developer experience matters. Tinybird lets you build applications on ClickHouse like you built them on Heroku Postgres back in the day. Sign up, ingest data, publish endpoints, and start shipping code. Version control, unit tests, and observability built in.

“The iteration speed provided by Tinybird proved to be an excellent way for us to learn ClickHouse. Our use-case proved to be no challenge whatsoever for Tinybird’s tuning of ClickHouse, serving up our most complex queries in well under 50ms, and often under 15ms.”

Yair Aviner- SessionRewind

Amazing ClickHouse support

We aren’t just built on ClickHouse; we help build ClickHouse. Tinybird engineers regularly contribute to ClickHouse open source every day. Join our Slack or browse our open source ClickHouse Knowledge Base for help on your toughest OLAP challenges.

“If you use ClickHouse, Tinybird documentation and blog posts are sometimes more helpful than the official stuff.”

David Cañones -DataMarket

Sign up, ingest, and publish your first API in minutes.

Start building low-latency APIs on top of ClickHouse with Tinybird.
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