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Tinybird Changelog: sharing pipes

Sharing data is hard - here is our alternative to sending a CSV file by email
Jorge Sancha
Co-founder & CEO
Mar 24, 2020
  min read

Sharing data is always hard. Should I export a CSV? Should I give access to my database? Dunno. The thing is we always end up sending a spreadsheet, a screenshot of whatever Database Query Tool we our using at the moment, or a CSV/JSON that we post on whatever our Chat Tool is (and which will replace all your symbols with happy face emoticons :( ).

One can always fall back on that, but after a few rounds of this uncomfortable back and forth, we decided to work on a better way to share.

Introducing Private Links

With the introduction of the new Private Links for Pipes, we want to enable developers and analysts to share snapshots of their Pipes with anybody, so that they can peer-review them easily.

Sharing some stats
Sharing some stats

When you create a Private link for a pipe, you are essentially taking a snapshot of your Pipe and making it available through the link itself. Your workmates (regardless of whether they are signed in or not) will only be able to see what you share, they will not be able to write new queries or see any other data in your tables. They will see all the queries and results that you wanted to share, and more importantly, the reasoning behind them.

Your Private Links are static: once you share them, they will not change even if you continue working in your Pipe. You can create as many private links as you wish, and they will always be accessible through your Pipe view (under the Share option). Whenever you no longer want to maintain a private link, you will be able to delete it, and it will stop being accessible.

We would love to see what you build with Tinybird

As always, we are more than happy to hear your thoughts on this and to see what you are building with Tinybird. Use the new Private Links to share your Pipes with us so we can check them out! And if you don’t have access to the platform yet, join our waiting list and we’ll get you going asap!