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Jorge Sancha
Co-founder & CEO
Mar 31, 2022
  min read

Data analytics technology and tools have come a long way in the last decade. But, it can still take weeks to prototype, build and deploy new transformations and deployments, usually requiring significant engineering resources. Plus, most data isn’t realtime, most of it is still batch processed.

We believe that data should be analyzed as it happens. Period. That’s why with Tinybird we set out to launch the real realtime analytics platform with developers in mind.

The value of realtime

Over the past two years we’ve helped developers working for companies such as Vercel, Keyrock, Genially and The Hotels Network utilize the full potential of their raw data to power data products, automate processes and enable their users to make high-frequency decisions. It has been mind blowing to see the speed at which our customers’ data grows. As an example, the graph below shows data written by just one of Tinybird’s customers over the past 12 months.

Monthly data written
Monthly data written

But most importantly, it has been great to see how quickly developers and data teams adapt from a batch mindset to a realtime one. There really is no going back, once you realise the potential of realtime data.

Opening up Tinybird to anyone, anywhere

Today, we’re opening access, so anyone can sign up and start turning data into realtime insights, actions and business value. Now anyone can use Tinybird to ingest and query realtime data, and build products which rely on data at scale, right from the Tinybird UI or CLI - at no cost to get started. Our self-serve and serverless APIs as well as our CLI, UI and public docs give developers the tools to realize the full potential of their data at any scale.

But, our journey towards an ideal development experience has only just begun. In the coming months, we’ll be working to improve Tinybird through:

  • Tighter Git integration for version control, continuous integration, better deployment and team collaboration;
  • Schema management and migrations: it’s always scary to change your schema while you are ingesting billions of rows. It shouldn’t be that way;
  • Better defaults and easier materialization. It’s been possible to materialize data incrementally and in real time since day one with Tinybird. We’re now making it delightful.

Our Build plan has everything you need to ingest, query your data, and build your product. With it you can make up to 1000 requests per day, per workspace, without paying a single cent. You can also invite as many team members as you want and create however many workspaces you need.

Sign up and you’ll be walked through how to use the product when you first sign in to the UI. Once you have an account, check out this repository with a working example of an audit log for a SaaS application.