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No cookie for you either

We've also removed third party cookies from our site.
Xoel López
Founder at TheirStack
Dec 16, 2020
  min read

We’ve just read Nat Friedman’s post about removing cookies from GitHub and we agree with everything he says. We agree so much that we removed any service relying on 3rd party cookies in our public website and our documentation… last month!

We build products from developers to developers. We like to keep our users in control of their privacy, and we also like to provide them with great user experiences. Who the heck in the world likes cookie banners? We hate cookie banners!

As an example, instead of using Google Analytics (for example), we’ve decided to look for privacy-first alternatives for those services we need and ended up using Fathom Analytics together with our own platform (through our tracker.js and Kafka streams for advanced analysis).

As a result of that, this is how our landing page looks like using Brave.

That’s one small step for a better internet, one giant leap for Tinybird.