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Gain Visibility Over Your Asynchronous Operations

Now, you will be also able to see the status of your job queue from the UI.
Sergio Álvarez
Dec 22, 2020
  min read

Almost everything in Tinybird takes less than 400ms. Since the very beginning we’ve focused on speed. But some things take a bit longer, so we do them in the background.

Ingesting data from an URL, populating a materialized view or specific background queries are things that normally can happen asynchronously and that sometimes take a few seconds to finish. This kind of asynchronous operations in Tinybird are called jobs.

Jobs are executed one after the other and, from the moment they are launched, they get into a jobs queue (which is FIFO). Depending on your account type, your jobs queue will be isolated or shared with other users (like is the case with Free accounts).

We’ve recently released a few improvements to help you gain visibility over your jobs queue and job status. Did my import finish correctly? Why is this materialized view not populated yet? What happened with my latest conditional replacement?. Those are questions that now are quite easy to answer with the latest API, CLI and UI changes.

Jobs for the past 7 days
Jobs for the past 7 days

Our jobs API now supports listing all jobs that happened during the last 7 days (or the last 100 jobs), including those that are running, are still in the queue or already finished, as well as seeing the job details for any given job_id. These new changes enabled us to increase jobs visibility in the UI as well, so you can easily check out the status of your job queue at any time from your account dashboard.

For those using our CLI tool, we’ve also added a couple of useful commands to better handle your jobs queue. Be sure you run the latest CLI version and check them out by executing tb job --help

As always, we would love you to try this out and let us know what you think!

Sergio Álvarez
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