The modern real-time
data platform

Tinybird helps developers and data teams build real-time data products at scale. Ingest data from anywhere at scale. Query and shape your data using SQL. Publish your queries as low-latency, high-concurrency APIs.


Ingest relentless streams of data

Bring data from many different sources into Tinybird: streams over HTTP, Kafka topics, import from Warehouses, or upload files.
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Build your own

Events API

Ingest thousands of events per second using an easy to use HTTP API.

Ingest from tools you already use

Tinybird Connectors turn complex integrations into a handful of clicks that take seconds to set up.

Fast by default

Start simple and optimize later. Tinybird is powered by ClickHouse, making it orders of magnitude faster than relational databases and traditional data warehouses.

Seamless data ingestion

Tinybird guesses the best schema for your data and ingests millions of rows per second.


Forget about data pipelines. Just work with raw fresh data. You can transform with SQL on-the-fly, at ingestion or query time.
Query and Shape

Query and Shape your real-time data using SQL

Write SQL in a notebook-like environment to transform, aggregate, join and do pretty much anything you want with your data. Rather than writing huge, monstrous queries that are hard to maintain, you can break your queries into multiple, small statements and chain them together.

Chain queries together for better productivity

Improve the readability and maintainability of your SQL code by breaking long, unwieldy queries into smaller chunks of code and chaining them together.

Shape and enrich data by JOINing other sources

Build powerful data applications by enriching your queries with information from other data sources.

Full support for Materialized Views

Improve query performance with incremental Materialized Views

Publish your data using ultra-fast, low-latency APIs

Publish the results of your queries as standard REST APIs at the click of a button.
Your APIs accept query parameters, are secured by auth tokens, have auto-generated documentation, and capture all observability data.

Publish APIs in one-click

What used to take hours and weeks now takes a single click. Click it and you’re done.

Auto-export to destination tools

Soon, you’ll be able to pipe your queries directly to destination databases, streams, and more.

Scale you can count on

Tinybird APIs support thousands of ultra-fast queries per second.

Secure and rapid application development

Use tokens to control access to API endpoints. Implement as many access policies as you need. Support for row-level security.

Built-in observability data

Use tokens to control access to API endpoints. Implement as many access policies as you need. Support for row-level security.

Dynamic and self-documenting APIs

Share automatically generated API documentation pages with the whole team.

Observability endpoints

Service Data Sources provide performance data and consumption data for every single request, enabling you to build alerts or send information to observability tools you already use, such as DataDog.

Tinybird is a delightful experience

We are dedicated to making the developer experience fast and easy without sacrificing your need for power and flexibility.

Visualize how you use your data

Use the Data Flow view to see at-a-glance how your data is used to power your APIs.

Collaborate with your flock

Invite as many users to a Workspace as you want, and a user can belong to multiple Workspaces. Teamwork makes the dream work!

A robust CLI at your fingertips

The Tinybird Command Line Interface can do everything the UI can do, for when you just have to use a Terminal window or need to automate and script your Tinybird actions.

Time-series, simplified

The Time Series view helps you quickly visualize your data and how it changes over time. Visualize, filter and group: t’s about time someone made time-series easy.
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Tinybird users around the world help one another solve problems with real-time data.
Customer support

We try harder

The Tinybird customer success team works daily to help you succeed. Whether you need to learn best practices for using Tinybird, or architectural guidance based on our decades of real-world experience, we’re here for you. Try getting that level of service from one of the major cloud providers.