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The Realtime Way

Scaling Realtime Data Applications

8.30am, Wednesday, 22nd June 2022
Top Floor, Soho House, 76 Dean Street, W1D 3SQ

Realtime is coming

Realtime is coming. Whether you’re ready or not, realtime analytics will soon become the cost of entry just to compete - in every industry.

Nearly every business first tries to build realtime data products with the tools and data pipelines they already have. But the problem is that data lakes, data warehouses, and transactional databases weren’t built for realtime, and trying to adapt them towards such an end is both expensive and slow.

In this short breakfast session, you’ll hear from business leaders who have guided their teams through realtime development - and built products (like in-app dashboards and customer personalization) that can keep up in realtime. This is your chance to learn from their experience and get a head start on your own realtime development.

Featured speakers


Wednesday 22nd June
Breakfast & networking
Welcome from Tinybird CEO
Jorge Sancha
Co-founder & CEO of Tinybird
Building a realtime customization platform for the hotel industry
Jordi Miró Bruix
CTO at The Hotels Network
Building scalable infrastructure to enable realtime market monitoring
José Fresco
Head of Infrastructure & DevOps at Keyrock
The architecture of a modern streaming data platform - James Kinley
James Kinley
Principal Solutions Architect at Redpanda
Speed Wins: The basics of how to push more queries through each CPU core
Aitana Azcona
Data Engineer at Tinybird
Closing remarks from Tinybird CEO
Jorge Sancha
Co-founder & CEO of Tinybird