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In-Person Training | New York City

From Kafka to Analytics in minutes

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024 | 12-4pm
810 Seventh Ave - 23rd Floor, New York, NY

For Data Engineers and Software Developers working with Kafka

Led by Jim Moffitt,
former Staff Partner Engineer at Twitter

Learn how to scale a Kafka topic to support analytics for thousands of concurrent users

Streaming data has become the backbone of the modern data enterprise. Those who can wield streaming data for value creation will have more opportunities to lead and drive the data industry forward.

Data engineers and developers familiar with Apache Kafka can benefit from training that shows them how to leverage that data for further value creation within the business.

In this 3-hour in-person training, you'll gain invaluable skills that extend your Apache Kafka repertoire, giving you the ability to leverage streaming data to build scalable user-facing analytics.

"Real-time data is the new standard, and we want to win. FanDuel is a leading innovator in online gaming, and our commitment to user experience sets us apart. These days, the best way to deliver a differentiated user experience is with live, fresh data to act upon."

Damian Grech, Director of Engineering - Data Platform at FanDuel

What will you learn?