Hello from Tinybird!

We hope you had a great time and enjoyed our talk. Interested in Tinybird? It's free to start, with no credit card needed and no time limit. If you're ready to upgrade, here's a $300 credit towards a Pro plan.

No credit card needed

What is Tinybird?

Tinybird is a serverless analytics backend for developers. Ingest data from anywhere, shape it with SQL, and instantly publish the results as low-latency, high-concurrency APIs that scale.



Ingest data into Tinybird from many sources: event streams, pub/sub topics, data warehouses, file uploads, HTTP webhooks, and more.



Write SQL to transform, aggregate, join, and enrich. Break your queries into small, chained statements to avoid nasty spaghetti queries.



Instantly publish your queries as secure, dynamic REST APIs with auto-generated API docs and observability metrics.

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